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Goddard Law is dedicated to representing employees and other individuals in all industries and at all employment levels. As advocates for workplace fairness, our passion and profession is to help advance the goals of employees and protect their rights against injustices at work. We understand how powerless individuals facing discrimination and retaliation can feel, and we have made it our duty to empower our clients to stand up to employers who have wronged them and also to move forward in the job market with confidence.

Our dedicated attorneys offer clients experienced, sophisticated, and cost-effective representation in discrimination and retaliation cases. Goddard Law has prevailed in actions involving all manner of employment discrimination claims, including sexual harassment, age, race, religion, gender, disability, and sexual orientation.


The attorneys at Goddard Law are dogged and tenacious and don’t think twice about taking on employers of any size. As evidenced from the firms’ three recent trial wins, including jury verdicts of $1.34 million, $13.4 million and $2.35 million, Goddard Law is not afraid of “David and Goliath” situations. Our cases have been covered by major media outlets including the New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, Telemundo, Law.com, and The Daily Mail.

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"When you learn what discrimination feels like you want to run and hide from it, but for all other women we need to stand up. Megan was able to push me when needed but also cared about my feels during this tough time. She fought for me even when I was afraid to fight. She was part of my backbone that got me through my experience. Her commitment to women's rights is part of her heart and soul. I would advise anyone that has been through discrimination to speak with Megan and know she will always be there for you with strength and support."

Meet Our Team

Megan Goddard

Managing Attorney

Megan Goddard is an employment discrimination lawyer devoted to protecting equality in the workplace. She represents victims of all types of discrimination, including race, gender, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation and national origin, as well as victims of sexual harassment...

Anthony Consiglio

Associate Attorney

Anthony (Tony) Consiglio is an employment discrimination and civil rights lawyer.  He has represented construction workers and restaurant workers seeking fair wages; a nursing mother denied a private room to express breast milk; pregnant women coincidentally “selected” for...

Monica Welby

Associate Attorney

Monica Welby joined Goddard Law PLLC in September 2019. She represents individuals who face discrimination and retaliation in the workplace. Prior to joining the firm, Monica was the Deputy Director of Litigation at the Legal Action Center, a non-profit based in New York City, where she...

Saranicole Duaban

Associate Attorney

Saranicole Duaban has dedicated her career to representing employees. She represents employees in cases of discrimination, retaliation and wage and hour violations at the New York City Commission on Human Rights, the EEOC, State and Federal Court and in arbitrations...

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