Legal Practice Areas

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Goddard Law is proud to consider ourselves a hand in the fight against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace. Goddard Law has successfully litigated claims based on race, national origin, mental and physical disability, sex, gender, pregnancy, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, age, religion, hostile work environment, family leave, and reasonable accommodations. If you have been subject to discrimination or harassment based on any of the above, Goddard Law can help you understand state and federal laws that protect you from such treatment and help you to navigate complaints and lawsuits. If you have filed a complaint or lawsuit based on this type of treatment and then were retaliated against as a result, the law protects you, and Goddard Law is there to get you through it and fight for your rights as an employee.

Beginning and Ending Employment

When you are offered a new job or your employment is ending, either by choice or not, there are often steps in the process which involve signing agreements or contracts or certifying that you have read and understand the materials given to you. Goddard Law provides representation to help employees understand the terms of their employment or separation and to negotiate the best possible terms for the employee in those situations. Goddard Law also regularly represents employees in actions against their employers when they have been wrongfully terminated. If you need assistance with employment agreements, an employment rights evaluation, severance agreements, releases and waivers, or employee handbooks and policies, do not hesitate to call us today.

Benefits and Leave

Goddard Law can help you navigate disputes with your employer that involve your legal rights to take time off from work for your own medical needs, or to care for a close family member. Call us today if you need help with family or medical leave (FMLA) or similar leave issues.

Wage and Hour Law

State and federal laws protect workers from being underpaid, or paid unfairly for the work that they do. Employers regularly count on their employees’ lack of information to get away with failing to pay salaried employees overtime when they should, failing to give required meal and rest breaks, wrongly classifying an employee as an independent contractor and more. Goddard Law can help ensure that you receive what is due to you if you are dealing with any of the above or unpaid wages, sales commissions claims, or any violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Whistleblowing and Privacy

Many people in the workforce fear blowing the whistle on their employer because they might get fired or mistreated in retaliation. However, there are federal laws that protect, and even reward, whistleblowers in certain industries. If you work for a government contractor and you blow the whistle on wrongdoing by your employer, the False Claims Act/Qui Tam may protect you from retaliation by your employer. If you work for a corporation, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act likewise protects you from retaliation. Both acts, and others like them, also provide for possible monetary awards to employees who blow the whistle on employer wrongdoing. We at Goddard Law can help you if you would like to blow the whistle on an employer or have and feel that you are being retaliated against because of it.  

Federal Agencies

Often times when you encounter an employment problem, like unpaid wages, unemployment, family leave problems, or health and safety hazards, you will need to deal with a federal agency investigation or complaint process. Goddard Law is experienced in traversing the many rules and regulations involved in agency action and can help you get the result you deserve. Be it the Department of Labor or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, we at Goddard Law help our clients navigate the intricacies of these organizations and will correspond with them to make sure that our clients get what they deserve.

Business Contracts

If your employer asks you to sign a contract, it may seriously affect the rights that you have as an employee when something goes wrong at work. Contracts can be beneficial to both sides, but having an experienced employment law attorney is vital to ensuring that your contract is fair and doesn’t deprive you of important rights in the workplace. We review employment agreements and any other contract between our clients and their employers to ensure that your rights are protected.

Business Compliance and Litigation

One of the best ways to avoid complaints and litigation in the workplace is for employers to be proactive when it comes to complying with state and federal employment laws. Goddard Law has experience litigating a wide range of employment issues and offers evaluation and counseling to provide vital insight into how employers can prevent complaints and litigation by providing a fair workplace that will ultimately result in the most effective and efficient workforce. We will evaluate a business’ employment practices and provide counseling to ensure that all of its’ employees’ rights are protected.

Other Practice Areas

Goddard Law understands that fighting against unfair employers can be an uphill battle and often frightening for employees. Megan Goddard and her team are always ready to fight for what is right and take any case to trial. However, The Firm also understands that sometimes out-of-court resolution can provide the best answer for all involved. Our attorneys are skilled in representing clients at mediation and arbitration, where they work to get the best outcome for the client, while avoiding the stress and expense of a trial.  At the end of the day, our commitment is always to the client, and we are prepared to fight in any arena that our clients designate as their best option, be it in Mediation or Arbitration, or a trial.  The firm additionally litigates civil rights claims vigorously and is always there for our clients in their time of need.