World Class Ace

“Megan is truly the best of the best and highly recommended. Her skills are world class and exceed legal representation. She is the one who cares enough about you to fearlessly fight for you and for justice. I was lucky enough to have Megan represent me when my high-profile and very powerful employer was discriminating against me. I will be forever grateful for her expert planning, coaching, support, and patience. She is amazing at planning and executing a winning strategy.”


Excellent negotiator

“I was referred to Megan during one of the hardest times of my career in a mentally and physically exhausted state. The idea of filing a complaint against my employer was daunting, but Megan gave me the confidence to fight for what I was entitled to and deserved. She not only acted as my attorney but also acted as my therapist and cheerleader throughout the process. She is an excellent negotiator and exactly who you want representing you against any firm large or small.”

A remarkable lawyer and a good person

“Other law firms were hesitant to take on my former employer. Some quoted me a cost of $100k just to prepare for a legal onslaught in court. Some said you “have a case” but we’re just “too busy” to represent you and you “may never win”. Megan took an exceptionally precise approach to my claim. She spoke with me bluntly about what employment law encompasses. Most importantly she forced me to delete my emotions around my workplace nightmare and move forward toward settlement. She is remarkable lawyer and a good person. Her tenacity and most importantly her willingness to represent me against a large corporation resulted in settlement, wearing down the Defendant, who had always previously stated that they “found no cause to settle” my claim. I am grateful and honored to have been represented by Megan S. Goddard, Esq. in my legal matter.”

Supportive and inspiring

“When I first met with Megan to discuss my employment discrimination case, I was very nervous about standing up to my former employer. Megan was incredibly supportive and inspiring, and helped me find the confidence that I needed to tell my story the right way. As we moved forward with my case, I felt fortunate to have Megan on my side – she was always responsive, helpful, hard working, and determined to win. Thanks to Megan’s guidance, we achieved the best possible outcome, which I know I couldn’t have done without her!”

The most passionate and dedicated lawyer I’ve met!

“One of the best decisions I’ve made during one of the hardest times of my professional career was to reach out to Megan. Not only did she help uplift my confidence and spirit by reminding me that it’s necessary to fight for what is right in order to effectuate change, but she also fought hard for my cause. She is passionate and dedicated, and knows how to ask the right questions to properly navigate the issues of the case. Megan was always responsive, knowledgeable, honest, and 100% supportive. The final outcome was exactly as she predicted at my first consultation. I couldn’t have asked for better representation, and feel lucky to have gotten to know her as a person.”

The best

“I never thought people especially lawyers could be so kind. Megan cares deeply for her clients and goes out of her way to handle matters professionally. She guides you through the entire process and was the only person to calm my anxiety during a rather stressful and difficult time. She is completely transparent and will make sure everything is handled in your best interest. I’m so glad to have found her. She is incredibly talented at her work but also has the heart to go above and beyond the call of duty.”

Forever grateful

“I will be forever grateful to Megan during a time I needed such help. Not only did she console me but also empowered me, leaving me with a confidence I didn’t have before. I learned how to stand my ground. She is knowledagble and capable of being there for you 100%.”

Strong and supportive

“When you learn what discrimination feels like you want to run and hide from it, but for all other women we need to stand up. Megan was able to push me when needed but also cared about my feels during this tough time.
She fought for me even when I was afraid to fight. She was part of my backbone that got me through my experience. Her commitment to womens rights is part of her heart and soul. I would advise anyone that has been through discrimination to speak with Megan and know she will always be there for you With strength and support.”

Excellent consultation

“I came to Megan with an ongoing case involving family law. Though it was slightly outside the scope of her regular practice, she was a huge help. She went through all of the documentation I provided was very honest in her assessment of the situation and what the next steps should be. In the end I did not need to wind up hiring her, and rather than push me to hire her and waste both of our time and my own money, she told me the best way to proceed without her and resolve the matter.”